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Q3 2013 Update

Child-Parent Center

Grade schoolers looking at a globeThe Child-Parent Center Expansion is focusing on creating incentives for improving attendance at participating schools. Families will be awarded a $20 gift card for students who have 95% attendance during a designated period. The Human Capital Research Collaborative is paying 50% of the cost, schools cover the other 50%. This year, about one-quarter of CPC schools are participating. The incentives are tailored to the needs and goals of each school, with some focused on children’s attendance, and others on parents’ attendance at family events.

CPC also has some promising preliminary data on the effectiveness of three key components on increasing daily attendance and decreasing chronic absence rates, available on the CPC Learning & Sharing page.

CPC Progress | CPC Learning & Sharing


Early Learning Challenge

Two kindergarteners getting help with writingParent Aware is central to the State’s Early Learning Challenge Plan, providing the quality framework for early learning programs in Minnesota. To meet the state’s ambitious targets for the number of Parent Aware rated programs, Minnesota is turning its focus to recruiting Licensed Family Child Care programs to volunteer for rating. To encourage programs to become rated, DHS recently released guidance to help private funders align their funding, to make sure we’re all rowing in the same direction. The guidance is available for download on our Learning & Sharing page.

The Mardag Foundation has already stepped up, granting $375,000 to the Northland Foundation to support their “Parent Aware Pathways” initiative, to support early learning programs and professionals through the Parent Aware rating process. The goal is to rate 163 programs serving over 1,050 children, through targeted recruiting and quality improvement support.

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation made a strategic investment of $25,000 in Think Small, the Resource and Referral agency serving the Metro area. Think Small will test four strategies for increasing participation of Licensed Family Child Care programs in Parent Aware before the end of 2013, hoping to share the lessons learned with other Parent Aware communities in early 2014.

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Northside Achievement Zone

Grade schooler writing at a desk with other kidsNAZ uses their Seal of Effectiveness process to develop Solution Plans for each of their program areas. These Solution Plans use local Action Teams and national experts to pull together “active ingredients” for each NAZ cradle to career program areas. Solution Plans for Academic Out of School Time, and Mentoring and Early Childhood programs, are currently posted and available for download. These plans are filled with reliable information about what works in each program area, all of which can be adopted for use by other programs. Visit our Learning & Sharing page and let us know what you think.

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