Q1 2015 Update

Child-Parent Center: Full-Day vs. Part-Day PreK

Grade schoolers looking at a globeOur CPC partners published some exciting results in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The CPC program data shows that children in full-day preschool programs had higher scores than part-day children in a number of important aspects of development, including social-emotional development, language, math, and physical health. The full-day children also had higher attendance and lower chronic absences. Learn More

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Early Learning Challenge: Progress with one Year Remaining

Two kindergarteners getting help with writingOur ELC partners just submitted their 2014 Annual Performance Report to the U.S. Department of Education. They reported that Minnesota reached 73 percent of our goal for total number of Parent Aware rated programs so far and exceed our 2014 target for making sure children with high needs are in highly rated (3-4 star) programs by more than 10,000 children! Read more highlights from the report.

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Northside Achievement Zone: Sharing Good News

Grade schooler writing at a desk with other kidsIn the 2014 Year-End Report, NAZ presents their progress against each of their benchmarks. They are on track to achieve their Kindergarten readiness and 3rd grade reading goals, but progress toward middle-school targets is not yet on track. One of the challenges for ambitious initiatives like NAZ is being honest about what’s working, what’s not yet working, and plans for addressing areas that are falling short of expectations. Learn more about the report and plans for 2015.

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Social Innovation Fund: Evaluation Challenges

Preschoolers sitting on the floor listening to teacherOne of the big challenges for Social Innovation Fund sub-grantees across the country is the federal funder’s expectation that those programs increase the evidence that demonstrates their effectiveness. To help support programs in developing rigorous evaluations, the Corporation for National & Community Service developed Evaluation Plan Guidance that may be used by community programs to guide development of their own evaluation plans. Learn more.

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