CLASS Coaching
CLASS coaching will be available to child care centers seeking a Three or Four-Star Parent Aware rating. The goal of CLASS coaching is to assist center child care staff in successfully demonstrating skills in all of the CLASS domains, with a special focus in the area of Instructional Support domain.


Coaching and Consultation on Caring for Children with Special Needs
Early educators can receive coaching and consultation on child and program assessment and services to child with special needs through the Center for Inclusive Child Care. Educators are able to access on-site, web and phone-based consultation and training on working with children with special needs.


Eager to Learn
Low-cost Parent Aware-required training is also available online through Eager to Learn, the Child Care Aware of Minnesota on-line initiative. The target audiences for these subsidized trainings are licensed child care providers and Legal Non-Licensed (LNL) Family, Friend and Neighbor providers.


Higher Education and Child Development Associate (CDA) Scholarships
ELC funding will support scholarships to early childhood educators who are pursuing a CDA credential or higher education degree. The funds are administered through the Child Care Aware Coordinating Office.


Develop, Minnesota’s Quality Improvement and Registry Tool
Develop offers professional development and quality improvement tools to support early learning & school-age care. People working in early childhood professions can search for training as well as document their training, education and experience. Organizations can also use Develop to apply for Parent Aware and submit documentation as part of the rating process.


MN Centers of Excellence for Young Children with Disabilities
This regional system of professional development is designed to build capacity in early educators serving children with disabilities, to improve outcomes for those children (birth to five years of age) and their families. Master cadre members are selected to learn and provide professional development on key evidence-based strategies. Learn more about Minnesota Center of Excellence for Young Children with Disabilities.


MN Child Care Credential
ELC funding subsidizes the cost of delivering the MN Child Care Credential (MNCCC) to Minnesota child care providers. The Credential training modules meet all of the Parent Aware training indicator requirements. The Credential training was revised using ELC funding, and is available in English, Spanish, Somali and Hmong. For more information, contact Child Care Aware of MN or go to the Develop website to search for training by language offered.


MN Infant Toddler Credential
ELC funds supported the development of a Minnesota Infant/toddler Credential. Building on the current Minnesota Child Care Credential, the infant/toddler credential provides advanced training to child care providers and other early childhood educators. The goals of this credential are to improve the quality and care infants and toddlers receive in group settings, increase the knowledge and competencies of infant/toddler education and care providers, and promote community connections to increase the awareness and use of available resources and services that support healthy, safe and nurturing care for this age group.


Parent Aware-Related Training
Low-cost training to help early educators meet Parent Aware requirements is currently available through the Child Care system. For more information, contact Child Care Aware of MN or go to the Develop website to search for training. Tailored trainings are also an option for child care centers. Center directors can work with Child Care Aware Professional Development Coordinators to contract with a Minnesota Center for Professional (MNCPD) approved Trainer to provide in-house for all staff at a time convenient for the center.


Professional Development Advising
Child Care Professional Development Advisors are available to Building Quality/Parent Aware participants and, as time permits, other child care providers statewide to assist in the identification of credit and non-credit training that meets Parent Aware training indicators. The are also responsible for scheduling Child Care Aware training to ensure training capacity statewide.