Grade schooler writing at a desk with other kids

NAZ Progress

Grade schooler writing at a desk with other kids

Progress Key

Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ) set a goal of recruiting 1,000 families with a total of 2,500 children by the end of 2015, which they exceed. Working with the NAZ Engagement Team, these families identify needs and barriers specific to their particular circumstances, set family goals, encourage behaviors that support academic outcomes, and establish relationships with NAZ partners that have demonstrated strategies that support success.

Enrollment Targets

300 Enrolled Families (Q4 2012 – Actual 217)
500 Enrolled Families (Q4 2013 – Actual 556 as of 12/31/13)
800 Enrolled Families (Q4 2014 target – Actual 739 as of 12/31/14)
1,000 Enrolled Families (Q4 2015 target – Actual 1,127 as of 12/31/15)

Key Outcomes

  1. Increase kindergarten readiness from 28% to 80%
  2. Increase reading at grade-level by third grade from 16% to 70%
  3. Increase grade-level math proficiency by 8th grade from 29% to 70%
  4. Increase students graduating on time, prepared for college from 51% to 80%

NAZ Partners will utilize real-time evaluation to determine what’s working, what’s not working, and how well they are performing toward the end goal of preparing all NAZ children for college. To learn more about NAZ’s results, see the Year End Evaluations on the Results page.